Companion Rescue Practice

February 6th 2019


Alpine touring gear is not required for
this training session. The objective is to
practice companion rescue not skin up the

Note: This practice is not led by a
certified instructor and is not a
substitute for AST1. Everyone is
encouraged to actively participate.

Only sign up if you have completed AST1
or better.

The group size is limited by the number
of instructors. Generally 5 participants
per 1 instructor is reasonable.

Meet at Bean Around the World at 1151
Mt.Seymour Parkway at 6pm to sign waivers.
Then drive to Mt Seymour and do a gear
review inside followed by 1 or 2 scenarios

The agenda is:

1) Review rescue equipment, and proper
technique for searching, propping and

2) Split into groups and practice
single and multiple burial searches and

3) Complete a practice dig.

This session will be cancelled or rescheduled if it raining heavily or if the roads to the mountains are hazardous.

Guest sign-up

Sign-ups are no longer available for this event.