Clayoquot Sound Kayaking New Destination

August 16th 2017


Up front. This is a journey. Please bring smiles.
Magical location. I have done this trip several times solo and
others. I am not a guide but will share tips and tricks if you like.
must be comfortable on and in the water. You must have
experience as well as basic exit re-entry rescue
techniques(you don’t
need to be guide level though). Class 3, open ocean, swells,
wind and potential surf landings.
Abundant marine life and wonderful white sand beaches.
Load up vehicle/s Wed 16th. Thurs 17th morning ferry HSB to
Departure Bay. Drive to Tofino. Overnight Paddlers Inn. Friday
put in
Paddlers Inn Beachfront. The rest dictated by weather and
what we
mutually plan. Rough itinerary paddle outside coast of Vargas
camping various locations as far as Cow Bay and return to
overnightat Paddlers Inn for Thursday 24. Friday return
Departure Bay Ferry to HSB.

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