Beginner-Friendly Ski Tour

December 9th 2017


Please read the entire description before signing up

Preference will be given to those without much touring experience who have completed AST1. However, anyone is welcome to put their name on the list. If there is enough interest I may expand or split the group provided that there is another experienced leader.

Likely destinations include Zoa Peak (Coquihalla), Pauls Ridge (Squamish), Musical Bumps (Whistler, $60 pass) or the Mt Baker resort BC (passport, EDL needed; last choice).

Please indicate your touring experience, skiing ability, avi training, general fitness, and if you have a winter-ready vehicle and can drive.

All participants are expected to be able to ski blue runs, off piste, under any conditions (the backcountry is not a place to learn downhill skiing). If Mt Baker has the best conditions then I require that everyone be able to ski black runs under any conditions.

I will confirm the trip, destination and car pool meeting location and time during the week before the trip. If you are renting gear from MEC this will give you time to cancel if needed.

This trip will be canceled or re-scheduled at the leaders discretion if the avi risk is too high or conditions are not suitable for beginners.

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