Baker Backcountry Beginner Friendly

February 23rd 2019


Head to Swift Creek not far from Mt Baker ski area parking lot and do
some open tree skiing in mellow terrain. Work on your skinning and
skiing, dig a pit, and have a good time. This is still uncontrolled
backcountry terrain that has avalanche potential, and we will treat it
as such.

If we start skinning by 830AM we should be back to the parking lot
no later than 4PM. The idea is to get as many laps around swift creek
as possible with lots of changeovers and opportunity to hone some

NOTE: Please answer these questions when signing up:
1) When did you take AST1
2) How many days in the backcountry have you had in your life and
this year?
3) What is the longest tour you have been on?
4) What is your level of skiing in terms of runs (blue, black, double

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