Baby Munday & Mt. Stewart

September 27th 2014


We’ll drive in and hike up to camp on Saturday and then climb Stewart (class 3) in the afternoon if people have the time and energy. On Sunday we’ll climb Baby Munday (mostly class 3 with a couple of sections of class 4). Note that this is the true summit of Baby Munday, not the scrambling route to the north peak described in Matt Gunn’s scramble guide.

This trip will be cancelled or postponed if the weather forecast for the weekend isn’t good.

Questions for participants
• What is your contact information? (e-mail, phone, cell phone if you will have one on the trip)
• What is your recent climbing & mountaineering experience?
• Can you lead class 4 in the mountains?
• Can you bring a rope (specify size & length) and/or a light rack?
• Do you have a tent and stove?
• Do you want to share a tent and/or stove with someone?
• Do you have a high clearance 4WD vehicle and if so, how many people can it hold (including yourself)
• What area of town do you live in?

Guest sign-up

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