Avalanche Course for Trip Leaders

February 5th 2011


Avalanche Safety for Trip Leaders

If you have been coming on club trips for a year and are thinking about leading backcountry ski or snowshoe courses, this course if for you.

The course curriculum for has been prepared by Frank Baumann. He has been teaching avalanche courses and consulting on avalanche safety for over 25 years.

This is a practical avalanche course, based on the essential curriculum
taught world-wide in recreational avalanche courses. The overall objective
is to provide you with training and skills to answer five key questions:

– How dangerous are avalanches (risk appreciation)?
– Where have avalanches occurred in the past and where are they likely to
occur in the future (terrain evaluation)?
– What past and present snow and weather conditions are likely to create high
avalanche hazard (snowpack stability evaluation)?
– If avalanche terrain must be crossed, how can the threat of avalanches be
assessed and dealt with (risk management)?
– What should be done if someone is buried in an avalanche (avalanche rescue)

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