Avalanche Awareness Clinic

November 1st 2017


Hello all interested and stoked winter backcountry travelers! We’ve
heard you all are interested in getting out into the backcountry this
winter and enjoying all the deep powder slaying coastal BC has to
offer! We’re stoked you’re stoked; but with all this deep snow comes
the risk of avalanches, one of the most significant hazards to be
aware of in the winter backcountry. With this said then, we would
like to give you all an opportunity to learn some skills to be more
aware of avalanche risk when heading into the backcountry with a
more experienced partner (NOTE: this is NOT a substitute for an AST
1 course! AST 1 provides more detailed skills for assessing
avalanche hazard with self-sufficiency; this clinic is meant to only
provide basic awareness). Skills discussed will include:

-Basic avalanche formation in regards to avalanche problems

-Reading an avalanche forecast

-Human factors in avalanche accidents

-Interpolating avalanche terrain

This clinic is designed for those with no avalanche expertise or
experience in the winter backcountry OR for experienced
backcountry touring folks (those with AST 1 or 2) and would like to
refresh your skills for winter. If you fall into either of these groups,
this clinic is for you! The clinic will be HIGHLY participatory,
engaging, and experiential, so come prepared with a willing to
participate attitude! Get stoked to be safe out there!

Clinic Details

Who: Passionate mountain explorers with a yearning for those POW
POW shots and a desire to stay safe in the winter backcountry OR
experienced backcountry skiers wishing to refresh their avalanche
knowledge for the winter OR true avalanche geeks that like to get

What: A brief (2hr) clinic discussing the fundamental tools to
prevent yourself from initiating and/or getting caught in avalanches.

Where: UBC campus, likely in some large room (TBA)

When: Wen. Nov 1, 2017 @ 6-8pm, with the option to share
avalanche stoke by drinks afterword

Why: So you can get #pitted and not #killed.

How: Show up to the clinic and find out!!

For more information, see the link for the trip page posted to the
UBC VOC page: http://www.ubc-voc.com/tripagenda/details.php?

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