Anderson River Peaks – Drive In Mini camp

September 2nd 2016


Anderson River Peaks offers a variety of hiking, scrambling and mountaineering opportunities in a reasonably accessible yet not frequently visited area.
Plan is (for those who can leave town of Friday Sept 2 around 3 pm) drive to Anderson River Peaks & establish a base camp below Reh Peak. Others who can’t leave until Saturday morning (Sept 3) can drive to base camp…..(about 4 hours from Vancouver …Boundary and Canada Way). So if you leave Boundary Road by 6 am should be at camp by 10 am with enough time to climb either Reh or Gemse.
Possible day trip itineraries include…..
Day 1 (Saturday) Climb or Scramble Reh (low 5th or 3rd class routes& Gemse (mid 5th & 4th class slab routes) ……
Day 2 (Sunday ) Hike Gamuza ….Hike Big Horn & Alpaca 2nd / 3rd class friction & slabs route.
Day 3 (Monday) Hike Serna…finish early … home.
The basecamp should be accessible by 2wd intent is to structure the camp so partipants can drop in for whatever number of days they like.

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