Alpine Mentorship Program

February 20th 2019


This event is a call-out to graduates of the BM1 Program to express your interest in participating in ACC Vancouver’s Alpine Mentoring Program; a program available to ACC Vancouver Members which will be rolled out in Spring/Summer 2019.

Program Overview:

The goal of the ACC Vancouver Section Mentor Program is to help aspiring climbers reach their goals. We will match mentee’s with experienced mentors to allow them to reach their climbing goals for the 2019 season. And in doing such we will help to create the next generation of leaders and trip coordinators in the Vancouver Section.

Prospective mentee’s will be asked to apply to the program and include a list of their previous climbs of significance over the past 2 season. As well they will be asked which stream they would like to be placed in: either Rock, Alpine, or Snow. And, Finally, they will then specify what their goals for the season will be. Previous completion of BM1 will be a pre- requisite.

Next the mentee’s will be paired up with mentors. In the beginning of the season, tentatively early April, an evening will be spent indoors going over basic rock rescue, as a refresher and meet-and-greet event, for all parties involved. As well as a day doing crevasse practice and self-arresting for participants in the snow stream will be arranged.

Finally, for the remainder of the climbing season (May-Sept/Oct), mentors and mentee’s will be expect to arrange amongst themselves to spent 2 days per month climbing and/or training together to work towards developing the building blocks to allow the mentee to achieve their goals.

The cost of the program will be that the mentee will be responsible for transportation costs for themselves and their mentors when they are climbing together. As well mentee’s will be expected to co- ordinate two trips on ical within a year of beginning the mentorship program.

This event is a call-out for people who are interested in joining the mentorship program. After Feb 20, 2015 an email containing the screening questions and asking for the Mentee’s goals and climbing stream preferences will be sent to all interested parties. This information will then be used to match the mentees with a suitable mentor.

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