Advanced Crevasse Rescue Course

May 6th 2017


The course, taught by professional ACMG certified guides (thanks MSA), is absolutely FREE, but only available to
active trip-leaders who already have some glacier travel and crevasse rescue experience or
training, and are interested in trying out some more advanced skills.

During this course, you’ll learn how to properly use the new Petzl RAD system (rappel and descent). This ultralight
system can be used for rescue in an unroped crevasse fall scenario, but it does need some knowhow to avoid it’s
You’ll get to try out some roped and unroped rescue scenarios to showcase how the system works.

MSA is hoping to film some video material to showcase the systems use while were out there, and we will have the
opportunity to record some footage to showcase the club also.
Important: Participants must be active-trip leaders, and must have previous glacier travel
and crevasse rescue experience or training. You must also be intermediate backcountry skiers or
splitboarders, and ok with being filmed.

Now! Here’s where it gets slightly complicated.
We want GOOD WEATHER for this course, so we
might have to be flexible on the dates. Here’s
how signup is therefore going to work:

  1. Show you’re interested in this course by
    signing up here.
  2. During the week before the course, MSAA will
    send out an email to all participants on the
    list with a go / no-go decision based on the
  3. If it’s a “go”, then the first 6 people to
    reply to the email will get the spots.
  4. If it’s a “no-go”, then MSAA will postpone
    to Sunday, May 7 or the following weekend and
    repeat the process.

The course will most likely be held in the
Whistler Blackcomb slackcountry, such as on the
Spearhead Glacier. Participants will therefore
require a backcountry lift ticket for the day
which can be purchased from MSA or directly
from WB. Please don’t purchase your
ticket until you’ve been confirmed on the

Any questions about the course or the sign-up
process can be directed to
[email protected]

Guest sign-up

Sign-ups are no longer available for this event.