ACC Vancouver Island Section Climbing Camp Alava Basin

July 31st 2010


The Vancouver Island Section of the ACC is running 3 consective one week climbing camps (14 spaces each -many spaces booked already in each of the 3 camps) into the Tlupana Range. There will probably be some shifting of participants between weeks, so Vancouver Section members are welcome to apply to attend any of the three weeks, the dates of which are July 17-24, July 24-31, and July 31-Aug 7 “The Tlupana Range is one of the least explored and most picturesque of all alpine areas on Vancouver Island. The climbing history of the range is in its infancy with most first ascents having taken place as recently as the 1990s. There are still several summits that have no recorded ascents and the climbing potential of this area is vast. One of the Tlupana Range’s most striking features is the low elevation of the tree line which in places is as low as 3,000 ft. (Note: summits are typically 4,800-5,500 ft.) This gives the mountains in the range a character expected of much higher alpine peaks. The Tlupana Range is also one of the widest areas of alpine terrain on the island spanning with its main ridge stretching over 5km in width in some places. The rugged nature of the Tlupana Range and the difficult access complicate the logistics somewhat and it is unlikely to ever become a high use area.” — Phil Stone – ‘Island Alpine’.

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