ACC-VI: City Of Rocks Climbing Road-Trip

June 10th 2018


Last year the Vancouver-Island section ran a week long City of Rocks climbing trip in Idaho. It was very popular so there is
another trip running this year too!

The Climbing
These are not “cragging areas” like those we might be familiar with in Squamish or the Island.
Most climbs will require a climber comfortable with leading and the majority of climbs are trad though there are plenty of
bolted climbs as well.
Not all climbs have rappel anchors and many are over 35m in length, and because of this it is not always possible to clean
anchors and rappel the
route climbed. It will often be necessary for leaders to provide a top belay for followers and some climbs will require leaders
to be able to establish
gear anchors. Descents will require down-climbing from the formations or rappelling from designated rappel anchors (often
with two ropes). There
are a range of multi-pitch routes in the area, and Castle Rocks has a range of bouldering problems available as well. It will not
be possible to set up
top ropes on all climbs.

Because of the above details, climbing is best suited for smaller groups of individuals who are comfortable with
leading/following trad
and multipitch climbs. There is an abundance of moderate and well-bolted climbs, from one to six
pitches in length.

The intent will be that the camp will operate much the same as ACCVI Summer Camps, with a social element in the
evenings and the
ability for smaller groups to decide on objectives and make plans for the following day. Because top roping is not always
possible this trip will likely
not involve a large group that climbs together on a daily basis.

More information on CoR climbing can be found here:

Similar site for Castle Rocks:

The Hiking
A number of participants in 2017 were not climbers and enjoyed a week of hiking in the area, enjoying beautiful trails and
scenic views. This included the opportunity to summit a few nearby non-technical mountains.

Getting There
CoR is approximately 12-15 hours from Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal. Trip participants would be responsible for
arranging their own transportation, though car-pooling would be encouraged. Trip participants would also be responsible for
their own food, though I’d be willing to
organize some pot-lucks and group meals if there’s a desire.

There is a cost of $45/person for this trip to cover the camping fee. This does not include the cost of transportation or
food. There are
no entrance fees for the City of Rocks National Reserve, but entrance to nearby Castle Rocks State Park costs $5/vehicle per

Since this is being hosted by our Island friends, contact Alois Schonenberger (Al) to sign up: [email protected]

Guest sign-up

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