AAC Cragging Classics @ Smith Rock

September 15th 2017


Cragging Classics returns to Smith to year (September 15th to
17th) and we should pay our American Friends a visit!

It’s $40 for the whole weekend, which includes a talk by Tommy
Caldwell, some short films, your camping fees, a party, beer and
breakfast also! There are a bunch of cheap clinics normally also,
and several stewardship initiatives/conservation projects for
anyone that wants to take part.

I’m going to head down a day early (Thursday afternoon) to setup
camp, and I might be convinced to stay a day longer and climb
into Monday also. Tickets sell out fast, so buy them sooner than later!

More info and tickets available online: https://americanalpineclub.org/smith-rock-cc

Bring sunscreen and stoke, this is always a fun weekend! 🙂

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