The Alpine Club of Canada

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ACC Vancouver Section
Mailing address:

The Alpine Club of Canada – Vancouver Section
c/o The Federation of Mountain Clubs of B.C.
130 West Broadway,
Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 1P3

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ACC National Section
Mailing address:

The Alpine Club of Canada
P.O. Box 8040,
Canmore, Alberta T1W 2T8

Tel: 403-678-3200
Fax: 403-678-3224


Vancouver Section Executive: You can reach ALL the club’s exec via email at:, or individually by finding the person in the list below. Note: for general or non-urgent inquiries, it’s better to use and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Chair Raz Peel 604-631-3326
Secretary Anna Milino 604-848-4134
Treasurer Travis McClinchey 604-760-9276
Activities Chair Ben Waller 604-837-3784
Camps Coordinator Lynn Erickson 604-549-6400
Skills and Training Coordinator Martin Siegert 778-918-3639
Access & Environment Rob Szpak 778-838-6577
Quartermaster Benham Giwi 604-734-8870
Programs Jill Kennedy  604-790-3115
Membership Tony Knight 604-873-2276
Web Administrator Raz Peel  604-631-3326
Echoes Newsletter Content Editor We need a volunteer
Echoes Newsletter Graphic Design Chris Barton 604-738-5147
Alpin-E-r Editor Steve Legault 604-353-1159
News & Upcoming Events Editor Karen Jensen 604-536-0075
National Club Rep Rob Brusse 604-224-0747
Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC Reps Jay MacArthur
Rob Szpak
Varsity Outdoor Club Rep Christian Champagne 778-938-4531

Committees & Special Project Volunteers

Activities Coordinators
-Hiking & Backpacking David Overall 778-989-3295
-Scrambling Amir Khanlou 604-909-2380
-Rock & Mid-week Climbing Cam Miller 778-389-1519
-Mountaineering Reza Marvasti 778-233-8866
-Backcountry Skiing Benoit Waller 604-837-3784
-Snowshoeing Willa H
-Ice Climbing
Banff Mountain Film Festival
World Tour Vancouver Committee
Paul Geddes 604-925-6191
Camps Committee Lynn Erickson 604-549-6400
Rob Brusse 604-224-0747
Tantalus/Haberl Bookings Ron Royston 604-921-8164
Haberl Hut Committee Liz Scremin 604-921-2651
Ron Royston 604-921-8164
Spearhead Huts Committee Rob Brusse 604-224-0747
Liz Scremin 604-921-2651
Colin Boyd 604-879-3473
Manrico Scremin 604-921-2651
Matt Gunn 604-221-1190
David Toole 604-565-7555
Archives Liz Scremin 604-921-2651
Irene Goldstone 604-689-8737
Socials & Refreshments Olga Turok 604-228-0628
Promotions Jay MacArthur 604-209-2646
Endowment Fund Rob Brusse 604-224-0747
Travis McClinchey 604-760-9276
Website Committee Kayla Stevenson 604-460-7091
Jay MacArthur 604-209-2646
Tony Knight 604-873-2276
Martin Naroznik 778-892-2167
Adam Rytwinski 778-882-8220
Martin Siegert 778-918-3639