The Alpine Club of Canada


Awards to Vancouver Section Members
The Alpine Club of Canada is proud to recognize members who have made special contributions to the Club. The following Vancouver Section members have received awards for their many accomplishments and valuable service. The Section is eternally grateful. Click here for more information on ACC Awards.

A. O. Wheeler Legacy Award
“For Outstanding and Varied Contributions to The Alpine Club of Canada over Many Years”

1995 Eric Brooks
1995 Phyllis Munday

Honorary Membership
“An Honour for Contributions in Canadian Mountaineering”

1983 Fred Beckey
1969 Eric Brooks
1974 Neal Carter
1987 John Clarke
1987 Dick Culbert
1938 Phyllis Munday
2009 Don Serl

President’s Award
“Presented to individuals deserving recognition for extraordinary service towards the activities of the ACC.”

1998 Brad Harrison

Silver Rope Award for Leadership
“A mountaineering and ski mountaineering award for excellence in leadership and technical ability”

1937 Eric Brooks
1970 Phil Dowling
2014 Bruce Fairley
1978 Murray Foubister
1938 Tom Fyles
1978 Klaus Haring
1961 Scipio Merler
1948 Phyllis Munday
1934 W. Don Munday
2002 Howard Rode
2001 Don Serl
1971 Gertrude Smith
2001 Mike Thompson

Distinguished Service Award
“An Award for Distinguished Service to the Club in Matters other than Mountaineering”

1985 Fips Broda
2007 Rob Brusse
1990 Bruce Fairley
1994 Doug Fox
2001 Irene Goldstone
1981 Andrew Gruft
2002 Helen Habgood
1991 Brad Harrison
2005 Fern Hietkamp
1988 Doug Herchmer
2009 Tony Knight
2001 Jay MacArthur
1987 Scipio Merler
1970 Phyl Munday
1985 Norman Pursell
2004 Mary Rode
2001 Ron Royston
2003 Liz Scremin
2003 Manrico Scremin
1971 Elizabeth Walker

Eric Brooks Leader Award
“A mountaineering and ski mountaineering award for strong commitment to learning and applying technical and leader skills”

2005 Margaret Hanson
2009 Dustin Hines
2003 Peter Woodsworth

Don Forest Service Award
“An Award for Significant Service to the ACC”

2005 Colin Boyd
2005 Ian Bruce
2009 Richard Keltie
2002 Tami Knight
2004 Kit Moore
2009 Martin Naroznik
2005 Peter Taylor

Alpine Club of Canada, Vancouver Section Award at the
Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF)

“An award for the best film on mountaineering.”

1998 Miroslaw Dembinski of Lodz, Poland for “Ganek”
1999 Dan Mannix of Vancouver, BC for “Ice in Iceland?”
2000 Fulvio Mariani of Cadro, Switzerland for “Le Dolomiti di Pietro”
2001 Claude Merkel of Aspen, Colorado for “Great Trango: A Granite Mile High”
2002 Bill Pierson of Seattle, Washington for “Murph Goes To K2″
2003 Glen Crawford and Pat Morrow of Canmore, Alberta for “Musashi”
2004 John Board of Toronto, Ontario for “ski climb videotape”
2005 Jeff Rhoads & Jennifer Jordan, USA, “Women of K2″
2006 Gilles Chappaz and Babeth Leprince, France, “Sur le fil des 4000″
2007 Marek Klonowski, Poland, for “Looking for a Time Without Master Fibi”
2008 Alastair Lee, United Kingdom, for “Patagonian Winter”
2009 Darek Zaluski, Poland, for “Annapurna In Light Style”