The Alpine Club of Canada

About Us

The Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) was founded in 1906 as Canada’s national mountaineering club. It consists of 18 sections across the country, in addition to the National Office and Clubhouse in Canmore, Alberta.

The Vancouver Section currently has over 2000 members who share a great enthusiasm for the outdoors. Every year hundreds of people enjoy ACC-Vancouver Section adventures. We have a comprehensive schedule of activities ranging from family hikes and easy day trips to more strenuous mountaineering, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing, and rock climbing trips. We also offer numerous weeklong ski and climbing camps, and a variety of skills workshops. The National Club offers reasonably priced trips, courses and camps across Canada and internationally.

The public is invited to attend our monthly meetings and slideshows, starting at 7:30 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except July, August and December) location may change month to month, check calendar for details. Weekend trips are also open to non-members, space allowing, with the hope people will ‘try us out’ once or twice before joining.

Come explore the mountains with the ACC-Vancouver Section!