UPDATE May 27, 2021 

Hi ACC Vancouver Section Members,

The entire volunteer ACC Vancouver Executive wish to thank our members for continuing to support the section through being members.
With the recent update on May 25th by the PHO we have an additional announcement regarding Trips.
Current updates:
This is a call out to volunteers to please consider coordinating hiking, climbing or other trips. Short courses on route finding, GPS use or any other topics you have knowledge of would also be welcome.
Please review our COVID safety plan:
  • Maximum group size of 10
  • Day trips only until the next phase of the restart plan
  • Trip coordinators must obtain/inform:
    • Health declarations
    • Waivers
    • Inform participants that we have a COVID-19 safety plan on our website and to read it as it will be followed on the trip.
    • Inform participants not to come if they are feeling unwell. Refer to the Health declaration.
    • Health declarations and Waivers MUST be obtained in person at the start of the trip.
    • Participants are to be informed in the trip posting and subsequent communication to print their own forms, bring a pen and bring them to be signed in person at a safe distance.
    • Co-ordinators should bring a ziplock bag to place all forms into.
    • Inform participants that names, cell numbers and emails need to be provided for emergency contact and contact tracing.
If any co-ordinator requires assistance, please email [email protected]
  • To find out about planned trips and the “Latest News” keep checking the website especially as B.C. COVID health rules change and make sure you have your preferences updated on the new website.
  • Mail documents to the ACC Vancouver Postal Box at:
  • 595 Burrard Street
  • PO Box 48241 Bentall Centre
  • Vancouver, BC V7X 1A1
  • If any co-ordinator requires assistance please email to [email protected]



ACC Vancouver May Rock Courses

  • Intro to Rock Climbing May 29 or 30
  • Rock Rescue May 29
  • Intro to Mountaineering June 12 – 13. Please note that in order to take the Intro to Mountaineering, Intro to Rock is a prerequisite.

Go to the calendar for details on sign up:


The ACC Vancouver is continuing to  deliver virtual Socials. We have been very fortunate to have had well attended Virtual Socials throughout the Fall.  All Socials will be posted to the calendar so members have notice of upcoming events and read the newsletters sent out for updates.


Please go to the Huts section of the website for more information. Bookings for both huts are open.

Informational Resources

Again, Please keep checking back for further updates.

Very best regards,

Anna Milino

Anna Milino
Huts Co-Director | Past Chair | ACC Vancouver