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Workshops & Courses

Each year, the ACC-Vancouver Section plans a large variety of workshops and courses as a benefit for Club members. In this way, members learn from one another and gain the hard and soft skills necessary to travel safely in the mountains.

Club Workshops: Section volunteers offer free workshops through-out the year on a wide variety of mountain skills. A sampling of these workshops could include beginner friendly Rock Climbing, Backcountry Skiing, Telemark Ski Clinics, Ski Maintenance, Map and Compass Navigation, Use of GPS, Transceiver Search Practices, Intro to Winter Camping,  and Ice Climbing. Workshops vary in length from a single evening in town to a full weekend in the mountains.

Club Courses: Each spring, we also run a comprehensive training program to introduce people to a wide range of rock climbing, skiing and mountaineering skills. These courses, are run over a series of evenings and weekends all the way from January to June. Please see the following link for more information about club mountaineering courses: Club courses

Guided Courses: From time to time, discounted courses are arranged and taught by qualified guides and instructors from outside of the Club. Typically this is done for topics we don’t cover in-depth ourselves like Avalanche Safety and First Aid.

National Workshops and Courses: A a member, you also have access to a number of training programs provided by our National office. These include the NF Summer Leadership Course and the NF Winter Leadership Course.

Section members who have begun to organize Section trips and want to improve their leadership skills are encouraged to take part in these very worthwhile and rewarding courses. The cost is subsidized by The North Face, and our section also offers a bursary to successful applicants. Prior to applying, members should contact the section chair in order to be nominated by the executive for these training programs. More information & a list of past participants.

UIAA Certifications : The ACC is offering a series of courses and workshops introducing UIAA standards for Voluntary Leaders and Instructors. An Alpine Instructor Course is organized during the summer, along with several others. These programs are not mandatory for leaders who want to lead trips, but are available for all ACC members wishing to extend their knowledge and certify their skills through a recognized program. All the programs on this flowchart are ready to be offered, except for the skiing and hiking, which are in the process of being completed.

Courses organized by other ACC Sections: From time to time, ACC sections across the country open their courses to members from other sections also.

Resource Documents for Courses & Workshops

Avalanche Gear Orientation
V-Shaped Conveyor Belt for Snow Transport

For a listing of current workshops and courses and to register, please see the Interactive Calendar (iCal).