The Alpine Club of Canada

The North Face/ACC Leadership Program

Each year, the Vancouver Section Executive is pleased to nominate two to four persons for this national program. Nominees are experienced members, actively organizing trips for the Section. Nominees must share their experience by writing a trip report for the newsletter and by organizing additional section trips or events upon their return. To be considered for nomination, please contact Rob Asbeek Brusse by email or by phone at 604-224-0747. More info on the national club website.

The following persons have successfully completed the winter and summer courses:

TNF/ACC Winter Leadership Course TNF/ACC Summer Leadership Course
2011 Mark Snaterse
2010 Ron Caves Jason Wheeler, Monica Durigon,
Dave Henwood
2009 Martin Naroznik Behnam Giwi
2008 Kelly Galway
Dustin Hines
2007 Paul Wagner, Bryce Leigh Scott
2006 Gary Shorthouse  Tony Knight
2005 Melinda Straight,
Colin Boyd
Margaret Hanson
2004 Margaret Hanson  Gary Shorthouse 
2003 Tony Knight Paul Baker 
2002 Russ Fretenberg,
Chris Underwood
Peter Woodsworth
2001 Shirley Howdle,
Steve Wickham
Rob Brusse 
2000 Mike Thompson Jane Weller 
1998 Doug Bigelow,
Markus Kellerhals, Liz Scremin
Chris Bradley,
Kit Griffin, Fern Hietkamp