The Alpine Club of Canada

Gear Rental

Rentals are to ACC Vancouver Section members only. Please include your Alpine Club member number in email correspondence with gear custodians.

Avalanche Equipment Kits
Evo transceiver, avi poles and shovel
Members must provide their own fresh four AAA batteries.
$100 deposit required
Contact: Jay MacArthur (North Vancouver) at 604-987-1232
Contact: Bill Sims (UBC area in Vancouver) at 604-734-8870

Satellite Phone

One IRIDIUM satellite phone is available for rent to ACC Vancouver Section members for Section and privately organized member trips. Note: priority is given to Vancouver Section trips and events. The phone is available for use in Canada only. An ACC member must rent the phone for the group and take full responsibility for the phone, all charges and any damage or loss. The ACC member must pick up the phone, get briefed about its operation, and place a deposit with a cheque in his/her name.

  • $30 per weekend or $60 per week, plus $2 per minute for air time
  • $300 refundable deposit required

Members must call at least 2 weeks in advance of their trip to reserve the phone and reservations are on a first come, first served basis. E-mail Tony Knight or phone 604-873-2276.

For non-members, the following businesses rent satellite phones at commercial rates:

Canada Wide Communications, 399 Mountain Hwy, North Vancouver, BC  V7J 2K9, tel: (604) 980-9071, cell: (604) 788-2523. Also rents Motorola two-way radios.
Deakin Equipment (Warehouse store), 1361 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC, (604) 253-2685
Ralph’s Radio, 220 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC, (604) 879-4281

SPOT and Delorme InReach *New*

One SPOT Gen3 and one Delorme InReach SE satellite communicator units are now available for rent to ACC Vancouver Section members. These devices provide a position reporting, text messaging and distress alerting capability as a lower-cost alternative to the satellite phone where voice communication is not needed. Cost is $5 per weekend or $10 per week, with a $100 deposit. Note: These devices provide the capability to initiate a search-and-rescue at the push of a button. The renter must agree to the detailed terms and conditions, and are responsible for all charges and any damage or loss. For more information and to book one of these devices, e-mail or phone Tony Knight at the satellite phone contact information above.

Expedition Tent
Moss tent, sleeps 4, comes with poles, fly, carrying bag, 12 pound package suitable for base camp or family trip tent.
$10 per day, $20 per weekend, $40 per week, $100 per month
Email Bill Sims or phone him at 604-734-8870

Megamid Tent
Light weight, comes with poles and fly, suitable as snowfields or expedition cook tent or bivi shelter for small party.
$5 per day, $10 per weekend, $20 per week, $60 per month
Email Bill Sims or phone him at 604-734-8870

First Aid Kit
suitable for Expedition Base Camp
Email Bill Sims or phone him at 604-734-8870

Available to leaders on club approved courses or camps.

  • 4 Mammut Transformer 9.8mm x 60m (bought in 2012),
  • 4 Edelrid Anniversary 9.4mm x 60m (bought in 2013)
  • 6 half ropes: Sterling Evolution 8.4mm x 60m (bought in 2012)

Email Martin Siegert