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Avalanche Transceiver Offer

Available Exclusively to Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Section Members

Join the Section and you’re eligible for a tremendous deal on a 2012 ARVA EVO3+ transceiver.Evo3+

We have made an arrangement with ARVA, a well known European supplier of high quality safety equipment, to make their EVO3+ transceiver available Vancouver Section members at a price so hot we’re prohibited from publishing it on the web.  These are digital 3 pole transceivers, with online product registration and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

· Learn more about ARVA Safety products
· More information on the EVO3+ transceiver
· Evaluate a variety of transceivers

Email Alex Wilson for more details on how to purchase your ARVA EVO3+ transceiver. Limit one transceiver per member. Vancouver Section membership verification is required before purchase. Transceiver orders must be prepaid.

Want to buy the transceiver but not a member yet? Click on this link to join the National Club and the Vancouver Section. Please be patient – it may take a few days before our local records are updated to include your new membership status.

Do the Math
$276.46 (transceiver and a membership
$-46.46 (Cost of online one-year Vancouver Section single E-membership)
“Member Price” (includes HST & Shipping)

Alpine Club of Canada Avalanche Transceiver Policy – May 2011

  • Participants on all mountaineering, skiing and ice climbing trips, camps and courses of the Alpine Club of Canada in avalanche terrain are required to use a modern avalanche transceiver, as recommended by the Canadian Avalanche Centre.  Recommended avalanche transceivers are digital, multi-antenna transceivers; analog and single-antenna transceivers are no longer acceptable. This policy becomes effective with the winter avalanche season 2011/2012, as of November 1, 2011.
  • ACC members are advised to take note of the manufacturer’s recommendations for the expected useful service life of avalanche transceivers.
  • ACC members are encouraged to upgrade avalanche transceivers to digital, three antenna models;
  • ACC members are also advised that the usefulness of any transceiver depends on the familiarity of the user with the transceiver. Regular practice throughout the season is strongly recommended

NOTE: Transceivers can save lives, but they don’t make you safe. Sound planning, good equipment and knowing how to use it, combined with experience, competent partners and careful judgment, are the best means of making for an enjoyable and safe winter backcountry experience.