ACC Vancouver

Winter & Summer Camps

The ACC-Vancouver Section offers numerous multi-week camps throughout the year for Club members. Typical camps include:

  • Hut-based ski camps in February or March (Fairy Meadows, Campbell Icefield, Kokanee Glacier, McGillvray Pass)
  • Spring tent-based camps or ski traverses in April or May (Spearhead Traverse, Manatee, Lillooet Icecap)
  • Hiking and climbing camps in July or August (Tantalus Range, Rogers Pass, Lake O’Hara, the Tetons)

These camps are usually self-catered and self-guided, making them a very affordable option. Participants enjoy the chance to make a more in-depth exploration of an area. They also enjoy the camaraderie and the opportunity to learn from one another. Some camps offer more challenging activities, skiing for example, with professional guides. (See last year and this year’s winter ski camps).

If you have ideas or would like to organize a camp, please contact our Camps Coordinator Lynn Erickson via email or phone her at 604-224-4883. To register for our up-coming camps, please see the Interactive Calendar (iCal).

Recent Winter Camps:

McGillvray Pass Hut Ski Camp Mar. 12-19, 2011 Watch the video.
Wells Gray Park Ski Camp Feb. 6-13, 2010
Fairy Meadow Ski Camp Feb. 20-27, 2010

Recent Summer Camps:

Lake Lovely Water Mini-Camp
Anderson River Peaks Mini-Camp
Joint Vancouver Island / Vancouver Section: Athelney Pass, Coast Range Area
Devil’s Tower/Grand Teton National Park Climbing Camp, Wyoming
Lake O’Hara Climbing & Hiking Camp, Yoho National Park, Canadian Rockies