ACC Vancouver

Section Trips

Throughout the year, the Section aims to offer a wide variety of weekend trips to suit all members. Trips are organized by Section volunteers and posted on iCal.

Activities range widely from hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, mountain biking, rock and ice climbing, to skiing and snowshoeing. The destinations vary from local valleys and mountains to more distant locations in the Coast Mountains, the Cascades, Purcells, Rockies, Washington State and even international destinations. Occasionally members with flexible schedules post mid-week trips. Members may also meet in the early mornings to hike the Grouse Grind or get together in the evenings to rock climb at local indoor climbing gyms or at Lighthouse Park or Squamish. In winter, members sometimes meet at Cypress Bowl for night skiing. From time to time, special trips are offered that are suitable for families, youth, or seniors. Past trips have included blueberry picking on Hollyburn Mountain, camping at Manning Park and slower paced hikes. Vancouver Section members are also welcome to participate on trips organized by the Vancouver Island and Whistler sections. Trips are graded for technical difficulty and length, so that people can anticipate what is involved and choose trips that are suitable for their skill level. (See the Difficulty Rating Chart on the Interactive Calendar(iCal).) Trip organizers may choose to limit the number of participants and accept only participants of a certain skill level according to the demands of the trip. Non-members are welcome to participate on trips at the leader’s discretion. Guests are welcome on one trip – to see what the Club is all about- prior to joining. All members and non-members must sign an Alpine Club of Canada Waiver of Liability Form in order to participate on a trip.

Car Pools: Most trips have car pools to help keep the travel more economical and to help members without vehicles.  Information about car-pooling and cost is this guideline.  The guideline of 25 cents per km applies to the total distance travelled.  For instance from West Van to Whistler is about 120 km.  That is 240 km * 25 cents/km = $60.  The total is split between all the passengers.  So if there are three passengers that is $20 per person.   The driver might want to contribute a bit less since they already contribute to the maintenance.  It is really up to the driver to say how much they want.  A good question as a potential passenger is to ask about how much would you want for gas?

How to Organize a Trip: If you have ideas or would like to organize a trip, please email our Activities Chair. For detailed information and to register for up-coming trips, please see the Interactive Calendar (iCal).

Information for Trip Organizers: Information for Trip Organizers and how to become one can be found at the Become a Trip Organizer page.

Trail Maintenance: The Section is responsible for the Lizzie Lake trail as part of the FMCBC’s Adopt-A-Trail program. At least one trip per year is useful in early summer to clear away windfall and debris. The Section also has an interest in the condition of the route from the Tantalus Hut to the Jim Haberl Hut in the Tantalus Range. From time to time, members hike this route to check cairns and flagging.