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 Notice of ACC – Vancouver 2020 Annual General Meeting and Election

Join us for the ACC – Vancouver Section’s Annual General Meeting which will be held with the monthly Social on November 24, 2020 at 7:00 pm. The meeting will be held by Zoom. Register for the meeting on iCal.

presented to us last year on the mapping of Garibaldi Lake and its geology.
On this return visit he is presenting on the mapping of our prized Lake Lovely water and its geology.
Come and hear about the rocks you have climbed on, and the Lake you have swum in.
He will also touch on some other familiar lakes from the Sea to Sky corridor.

As we have now passed the Nov 3 application for positions and the Nov 10 deadline for vetting applicants we are able to announce that the incumbents and the applicants will be acclaimed at the AGM.   The list of the Executive moving forward of the AGM is below.  The position of Socials Director, who organizes the Section’s monthly social events is still vacant and we welcome people to please come forward if interested.   The procedure moving towards our AGM is still outlined below for your reference.

  • Chair – Anna Milino – incumbent
  • Vice Chair – Rob Szapk – incumbent
  • Secretary – Karen Jensen – incumbent
  • Treasurer – Jason Lamontagne – incumbent
  • Trips – Amber McMinn – incumbent
  • Mentoring – Michael McMinn – incumbent
  • Courses and Skills – Todd Powell – incumbent
  • Access/Environment – Jay MacArthur – incumbent
  • BMFFWT – Iwona Erskine-Kellie – incumbent
  • Webmaster – Florian Geier – incumbent 
  • Huts – Paul Geddes – incumbent 
  • Quartermaster – Rob Janousek – candidate
  • Communications – Byron Cole – candidate
  • Socials – vacant

Please consider joining the Section’s executive. It’s a fun, active group of people who manage the Section. Job descriptions for all 14 elected executive positions are available here.

Feel free to contact any of the current executive for more information. Applications must be submitted by November 3 using the on-line nomination form available here.

– Our Nominating committee was established on Sept 24, 2020.
Chair of the Nominating Committee: Manrico Scremin, members of the Nominating Committee are Rob Brusse and Martin Siegert.
Schedule (deadline dates) as prescribed in the bylaws:

– Issue the AGM notice with call for nominations by Oct 10.
– All nomination forms to be submitted by Nov 3.
– Notification to applicants of their acceptance/rejection by the Nomination Committee by Nov10.
– Deadline for appeals by rejected applicants is  Nov 12.
– Publicize final list candidates. Also publicize the method for determining the winner if there are more than three candidates for a position by Nov 17.
– Nomination Committee shall conduct the election at the AGM on Nov 24.
– Nomination Committee to publish list of elected members by midnight Dec 8, 2020

AGM minutes from 2019 for approval at the 2020 AGM are available at this location

The Agenda for the AGM is as Follows:


Nov 24th, 2020 Tuesday (2020 11 24), 7:00pm
Held by Zoom originating in Vancouver BC

Call meeting to order                – Anna Milino

Establish Quorum (20)              – Michael McMinn

Approval of the Agenda             – Anna Milino

Approval of Minutes                  – Anna Milino

Section Reports                            – Anna Milino

Financials                                      – Jason LaMontagne

Report of the Nominating Committee   – Manrico Scremin

Election Committee                      – Manrico Scremin

New Business:                                – Anna Milino

– elections results
– Other business

Adjourn                                          – Anna Milino

Anna Milino
Section Chair

Typically, we host social events once a month, usually on the fourth Tuesday! 

  • Guests and new-comers are always welcome!
  • If you are a member, we’d like to know if you are coming, but no need to RSVP otherwise.
  • Usually we will have a guest speaker to show some pictures of some amazing trips.  We’ll also have a short introduction to get everyone up to speed, and provide information on upcoming activities.

Check in the events calendar.