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The ACC Vancouver Section Library Collection was established through the generous donations of several members; Eric and Emmie Brooks, James Crookall, Paul Geddes, M & D Godfrey, Scipio Merler, Paddy Sherman and Valerie Walker.

The collection has many historic titles including works by Conrad Kain, Don Munday, Chic Scott, Paddy Sherman, Frank Smythe, A.O. Wheeler and Edward Whymper. Read about expeditions to the Canadian Rockies, Himalayas, South America in the annual journals of the Alpine Club of Canada, the American Alpine Club and The Alpine Club UK.

The Vancouver Section Library is interested in receiving your donations of climbing and mountaineering related books and publications.


The ACC Vancouver Section Archives are owned and housed by the North Vancouver Museum and Archives. The Vancouver Section is interested in receiving additional materials on the history of The Alpine Club of Canada and the Vancouver Section. Donations to the Vancouver Section Archives can be made through the Vancouver Section Librarian.


The Vancouver Section Librarian is Paul Geddes, who can be contacted at:

Thank you for your support.


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