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Huts Operated by the Vancouver Section

The Vancouver Section owns two huts.

  • Tantalus Hut at Lake Lovely Water
  • Jim Haberl Hut at Serratus/Dione Col

Please read through the information and follow the links.

COVID-19 UPDATE. May 17,  2020 7pm

Our Backcountry huts remain closed, and no future bookings will be taking place until we have direction from the Provincial Health Officer and our National office.  Patience around this is necessary as our situation with huts posses a more difficult path to provide proper measures around COVID.

Go to the website for updates.

Refunds for all Hut bookings to the end of May have taken place and cheques are in the mail. No future bookings will be taking place until we have direction from the Provincial Health Officer.  June confirmed Hut bookings will be looked at after May 20 as to whether they will be cancelled and full refunds will be sent out. If you fall in this category you will be contacted.  If you want to cancel regardless of waiting to be contacted then you can do so.  If more refunds are issued, please consider donating part or all of your refund to help facilitate the reopening of the Huts as funds will be very low.   Inquiry emails will be directed to the website  for all updates as to when reopening/bookings will resume and the emails will not be kept.

Status Of Huts: 

The Tantalus Huts will be closed after September 30, 2019 It will open June 1, 2020

Please note that both Huts access codes have been changed and will be changed throughout the season. Rates for 2019 were  raised $5 per night per person. 2020 rate remain the same as 2019

Bookings for the Haberl Hut for 2021 will begin Dec 1, 2020 for a March 1, 2021 opening for that season.  Do not send requests before this as they will get discarded. Please follow booking guidelines outlined on the website.

Tantalus Hut 2020 bookings for a June 1, 2020 opening will be accepted Dec 1, 2019 for full ACC Vancouver Section member groups 6 months out from the date and 3 months out for non members.    

Please read fully each section on your way through the links to the Bookings Form.  If you are asking questions and they are in the pre read materials you will be referred back to the Huts portions of our website to read.   Fill the bookings form out completely to avoid delays.  NOTE: Your booking will be cancelled and no refund given and no further use of the Huts should your booking have any deception associated with it. IE: taking in more people than what you booked for. Claiming member when your not.  Accessing the Huts without permission.  Before clicking on booking link below this, please read the rest of the material on this page. 

NOTE: Cell numbers and emails are required for all members of your booking and will be given to search and rescue/emergency services should anyone in your group or on your behalf initiates a search

Read everything as things have changed. Follow the links reading everything until you reach the reservation link.  Do not book before the appropriate booking window or the email gets discarded and make sure you qualify for the booking window.  ie. only a full member group can book starting 6 months out from booking.  If anyone in your party is a non member then you must wait until 3 months out.  This is to allow our members time to book the Hut.  Before non members had to wait 1 month prior.  Max group size is 6 therefore if the group is larger then have another person do a second booking, also following the same guidelines.
All refund requests must be made by email.
Cancellation Policy below – Please read it carefully so you are refreshed to it.  It is on the website here and it is sent to you at the time of booking and confirmation to make sure you have had adequate exposure to it. The Vancouver Section is a fully volunteer run Section.  This allows us to keep our costs as low as possible with still maintaining enough funds to actually run the Huts.  Because of the costs to do this from an operational and maintenance viewpoint, we have a cancellation policy.  ( To accomplish this work, because of the location of the huts, requires the use of helicopters.  This increases our costs substantially) In order to assure we have the funds to open the huts on season opening, fly in out the honey pots, propane tanks, maintenance and capital projects, we must have a cancellation policy.  Please read it and make your decisions accordingly.  We appreciate your time to do this and your understanding around this.  We look forward to continue to provide the mountain hut access to you. 
The cancellation policy with regards to a full refund is given up to two weeks prior to going in (not the day of travel in) and  50% up to two days prior to going in (do not include the day of travel in as one day), then 0% after that.  Weather is not a consideration for cancellation and guests should monitor the weather and communicate with your Heli company, boat company or hiking partners if that is your method of travel to make your decisions depending on which hut your are going to.   Ex. Going in on a Sat, then to be eligible for 50% back you would need to cancel up to midnight of the Wed before as the full Thurs Fri up to midnight Fri night would be the two days prior to travel.
There is no carrying forward of bookings if they are missed for any reason..Groups need to review the policy and make their decisions based on their situation at hand. We are a completely volunteer run Section/Huts and must follow our policy to ensure we have the funds to be able to run and maintain the huts for people who use them.  Thank you for your understanding.
Cancellation requests MUST be made by e-mail by the person who booked , use your original confirmation email to do this and send to
All refund requests MUST be made by email using the original confirmation email sent to you and please provide a mailing address to send the refund cheque to as we cannot do e-transfers back.
Any requested/approved refunds at a minimum may take one month to occur and will be issued by cheque but usually happen much faster.
Changes to your booking MUST be relayed to to update  our records and membership status.  Use the original email you made the booking with.  There will be no partial refund if your party size decreases.  It is up to the person making the booking to refill the spot and notify us at

Professional Guides​ and all users, ​ please advise your clients ​/ group participants ​of this policy and advise them of Trip Cancellation Insurance options. Due to the increase costs of maintenance all users of the Huts including Guides will need to pay the Hut fee. The ongoing financial support of all users especially for the Haberl Hut will continue to pay tribute to Jim Haberl to keep his hut in working order.


Season:  Open from March 1 to Sept 30.  A review of the opening during Jan Feb 2018 took place by the Vancouver Executive. After an initial trial of being open Jan/Feb of 2018 and due to the high number of cancellations with the success of only two parties getting in, cost to the club trying to keep it open and facility issues needing addressing, it was unanimously decided not to open during this time frame.  Facility issues are being addressed and if there are changes in the future around this it will be posted to this website.  Thank you for your understanding regarding this.

Reservations: Required, the hut is locked and the code changed periodically

Access on Foot: Take the trail to Lake Lovelywater, carry on past Lambda Lake, then follow a mountaineering route up steep scree & snow to the Ionia-Serratus Col. Cross a small glacier northwards to the Serratus-Dione Col. Access to the Lake Lovely Water trail requires crossing the Squamish River. For boat service across the river, call Jay Bricknell at 604-815-9647 or 1-866-466-2628. Cost $50 per person. Typically leaves Brackendale at 9 am & returns 4-5 pm.

Access by Helicopter: Squamish Airport direct to hut. Contact Black Tusk Helicopters (604-898-4800) or Blackcomb Helicopters  (Squamish Base tel. 604-898-1067) for prices and info.

The Jim Haberl Hut was built on site during the summer of 2005 and spring of 2006 by the ACC and Jim’s family and friends. Prefabrication of the hut frame was completed with the assistance of the 192nd Airfield Engineers during the summer of 2004.

The Jim Haberl Hut is a welcoming and comfortable base for mountaineering in the Tantalus Range. It is located at 6800 foot elevation in the Serratus-Dione Col, about a 6-hour hike above Lake Lovely Water and the Tantalus Hut. The site is located on the edge of Tantalus Provincial Park at 551600 northerly/477800 easterly on map 92G/14 (Cheakamus River).

The hut is kept locked.To book your stay, please use the link below to read the Hut Use and Booking Guidelines Policy and to pay the overnight fees. The hut is a one-storey wood structure with metal roofing and cladding. There is a large kitchen and sitting room, plus two sleeping rooms with bunks for 12 that have sleeping pads. The kitchen is outfitted with propane cook tops and full cooking and eating utensils. A propane heater keeps the hut cosy on chilly days.

The terrain around the hut is dramatic and most suitable for intermediate and advanced climbers. There is a wide variety of mixed snow and rock routes of various grades on peaks such as: Tantalus 2603m (8540′); Dione 2590m (8500′); Alpha 2305m (7562′); Serratus 2326m (7632′) and many others. Climbing in the area is covered in Climbing and Hiking in Southwestern B.C. by Bruce Fairley, and in Alpine Select by Kevin McLane. The terrain is not suitable for general ski touring due to the avalanche hazard, however steep skiing and snowboarding is possible by experienced parties during spring months.


Season: June 1 to Sept 30

Reservations: Required, the hut is locked and the code changed periodically

Access on Foot via the Lake Lovelywater Trail: Requires crossing the Squamish River. For boat service across the Squamish River, call Jay Bricknell at 604-815-9647 or 1-866-466-2628. Cost currently is $50 per person, but contact Jay for confirmed pricing. Typically leaves Brackendale at 9 am and returns 4-5 pm.

Access by Helicopter: Squamish Airport direct to hut. Contact Black Tusk Helicopters (604-898-4800) or Blackcomb Helicopters  (Squamish Base tel. 604-898-1067) for prices and info.

The Tantalus hut was built by the ACC in 1961 as a base for mountaineering in the Tantalus Range. It is located at the outflow end of Lake Lovely Water (elevation 3850 feet) in the Tantalus Range in the Coast Mountains, approximately 64 km northwest of Vancouver. This site is located in Tantalus Provincial Park at GR 819146 on map 92G/14 (Cheakamus River).

Tantalus Hut in Lake Lovelywater

Photo from Liz Scremin

The Tantalus Hut is a two-storey wooden structure with a large kitchen/dining room on the main floor and a separate sleeping loft above with foam mattresses for 16 people. The hut is kept locked. To book your stay, please use the link below to read the Hut Use and Booking Guidelines Policy and to pay the overnight fees. While the Tantalus area offers limited hiking opportunities, the scenery at Lake Lovely Water alone is fabulous. In good weather, people enjoy swimming, boating and fishing. There is a wide variety of climbing opportunities of various grades. Classic alpine routes abound on such peaks as: Tantalus 2603m (8540′); Dione 2590m (8500′); Alpha 2305m (7562′); Serratus 2326m (7632′) and many others. Climbing in the area is covered in Climbing and Hiking in Southwestern B.C. by Bruce Fairley, and in Alpine Select by Kevin McLane.  This is not a party destination and Mountain Culture is expected with respect for the environment and for fellow Hut users and campers in the area.

Please take in your own toilet paper, paper towel for cleaning, hand sanitizer, matches, green propane canisters for the lights, kindling and newspaper to aid in lighting the fire.  Please Make sure the chimney flue, and fire box are clear of snow before lighting. 
Please make sure you take in your own emergency supplies, first aid kit and any safety measures needed by your group.  NO first aid, AED, Naloxone kits, epi pens are supplied or kept at the huts.

For ACC Vancouver Hut bookings and full information click here on Bookings

Spearhead Hut System – Garibaldi Provincial Park

Reservations Now Open For Kees and Claire Hut

All inquiries for the SHS Huts should be made through .

Do not make inquiries through the Vancouver Section info @ or Huts @ as they will not get answered.

At long last, it is now possible to book nights at the brand new Kees and Claire Hut in the Whistler backcountry. This incredible, multi-million dollar facility is going to be a tremendous asset for the South Coast mountain community and is the first link in a proposed chain of three huts through the world-class Spearhead Range.

Booking a trip to the hut will provide critical funding to the Spearhead Hut Society, the volunteer group that is working hard to make the vision of a hut chain a reality. Grab some friends for a fall hiking getaway or rally your crew for a powder mission this winter. By reserving now you’ll ensure a visit to the hut in its inaugural year, but more importantly you’ll be making a contribution to this incredibly worthwhile cause.


The Vancouver Section, as part of the Spearhead Huts Committee, is working to develop three new alpine huts along the Spearhead Traverse. When built, these huts will be available to club members and the public and provide wonderful bases to explore this dramatic area.


On December 2, 2014, the Spearhead Huts Committee, on behalf of the Alpine Club of Canada, submitted a formal Park-Use-Permit application to BC Parks for the Spearhead Huts System. In spring 2015, BC Parks reviewed the application and sent their comments and requests. The Committee provided further information and details, where needed. Negotiations continued through the fall of 2015. A number of refinements were made, but no major changes. The Spearhead Huts Committee expects the Park Use Permit to be issued in February 2016. With the permit in hand, the Committee will kick off the public fundraising campaign. The goal is to raise $900,000 per hut. The Committee will build the first hut at Russet Lake in summer 2017 and hopes to have the hut open for the winter ski season in early 2018.

In the meantime, progress has been made on design work for the first hut. An architect and engineers were hired in February 2015. Several skilled volunteers joined the Design/Construction sub-committee to do research on a wide range of materials and systems: foundations, water, waste, propane and solar. The sub-committee is reaching out to retailers and manufacturers for help with in-kind donations and discounts on materials and services. Ultimately, a vast team of volunteers will be needed to help with construction.

For more information and to read the Spearhead Huts ‘Project Description’ document, please see

To make a donation, please see: Donation

The Spearhead Huts Committee meets monthly. Guests and new volunteers are always welcome. Contact the Spearhead Huts Committee at

National Club Huts

The Alpine Club of Canada owns and manages numerous huts in the Canadian Rockies.  See the national club ACC website for more information.