ACC Vancouver

Hut Bookings

ACC Vancouver Section Hut Use and

Booking Guidelines Policy

Users are required to respect our huts and leave each hut in a state as outlined below. Users who abuse ACC huts or property will no longer be allowed to use them. Please help maintain our huts for other users and enjoy the privilege of staying in our mountain locations.

ACC Vancouver will do our best to have certain supplies stocked in the Hut.

Read fully and carefully this entire document for supplies you will need to take in and that are not supplied.

NOTE:  All garbage to be taken out by hut users.  DO NOT leave any food behind, nothing.  Take it all out at the end of your stay.

This will help eliminate garbage accumulation and minimize mice problems.

Tantalus and Haberl Huts have:

    • 2 – 2 burner propane stoves.  Propane provided by big tanks located outside of huts. Valves must be turned to the off position at the end of your stay at the tank and at the stove end.  Conversely, turn valves on at the described locations when ready to use the stoves. To ignite, depress and turn knob to the light position and it will click and ignite. Stove use is also posted on the wall of the Huts.
    • settings for 12 at the Haberl, 16 at the Tantalus with a few extra for serving pieces (this includes:  dishes, cutlery, mugs and glasses.
    • pots, pans, coffee pots, strainer, serving utensils.
    • dish soap, bleach for dish rinse water, cleaning supplies, rubber gloves
    • Wash dishes in hot soapy water and rinse in hot water with a drop of bleach, air dry on  dish rack. Users take in tea towels, washcloths as they are not provided.  
    • Haberl Hut – note: in winter time, please make sure bucket is placed under the drain of the kitchen sink for water capture and empty outside away from the Hut.    
    • Propane lights – small green propane canisters are used. (Same as used for coleman      stoves)  Users need to take in their own canisters.   Empties are to be brought out by hut users along with ALL of your garbage.  
  • #21 mantels for the propane lights are kept in a plastic container in the huts.  This is to    avoid mice from eating them.  Tantalus – in drawer to right of sink  Haberl – storage shelf

Wash all dishes and put them away.  Wash down the counters.  Sweep the floor.  Empty the grey water bucket and replace it at the Haberl Hut during the winter months. Turn off propane valves indicated on the wall instructions (at source and at the stoves).  

 Wood Burning stoves

Flat top wood burning stoves are in each Hut. Fuel source is provided – compressed kiln dried fir sawdust bricks.  Supply is kept inside each hut.  Tantalus supply is kept in a brown wooden box near the stove.  Haberl supply is kept on large storage shelves.  Both huts have extra boxes of bricks under each hut sitting on pallets and covered by blue tarps. Users are asked to restock the inside storage areas at the end of their stay if the supply of boxes fall below 8.

Please make sure when restocking from under the Hut that the boxes are on the pallet and well covered up to prevent moisture absorption.  Bricks must not get wet.  

    • Matches may run low and users should take their own in as a backup.
  • to assist in lighting please take up newspaper as the supply we take up may have been depleted


Follow diagram on wall to load (3 bricks max).  Once fire is going the damper may be turned down to slow down the burning.  At night do not overload stove.  Due to downdrafts, avoid opening the stove door when the hut door is open. The hut may fill with smoke.  Haberl glass door – please keep door clean with the provided wood burning glass door cleaner found on the storage shelves.  A clean door provides better heat radiation.  When leaving the Huts please make sure the fire is out, the door to the stove is closed and the damper is closed. 

Water can be heated or snow melted on top of the flat surface of the wood burning stove.  Please be careful not to boil dry.  When melting snow, please make sure there is some amount of water in the bottom of the pot to get the melting of the snow started, otherwise the pot will burn.  For further information on how to melt snow google it.


No open flames in Huts or around Huts “no candles”

Tantalus Hut is within a BC Park.  Fires are absolutely forbidden at all times around the Hut and the entire area including the Sandbar. BC Parks will now have more of a presence in the Park starting in 2018.

Make sure fire is out when you leave and stove door is closed and damper is closed. 

Please do not touch Search and Rescue equipment – used for emergency situations only

Cellular coverage:

Tantalus – usually can be picked up at high point on the rock beyond the outhouse on the emergency helipad.  

Haberl – usually just outside the hut door or at the high point on the snow in the saddle to the east.

Boats and Canoes

Use of the boats and canoes are for Hut renters only.  Campers will ask to use them, or they may just take them.  To avoid disappointment for your own use, please keep paddles and life jackets inside the vestibule at all times when not in use.  Bring them up to the Hut after each use.  It is against our Park Use Permit to rent or loan the boats and canoes to campers.

There is no day use of the boats or canoes for ACC members not booked into the Hut.  It would dilute the use from the 16 people renting the Hut.

Multiple Hut renter parties please organize amongst yourselves for fair use so all may enjoy.

The Huts must be locked if no one is in them to avoid campers or others in the area from entering.  

During your stay please take note of cleaning supplies and firebricks remaining, fullness of the honey pots, and any problems that you may have encountered and email to with any observations or concerns from your stay.  Your input helps us run our Huts.

Please Lock the Hut upon your final departure.


It may be necessary to switch out propane tanks and or the outhouse barrel.

Barrel changing is easy and can normally be accomplished by two people.

Please check the barrel status at the beginning of your stay and make changes if necessary. Instructions are posted on the wall of the outhouses and inside the cabins.

Please be respectful of the natural environment and only put human waste and toilet paper inside the outhouse honey pot.  If peeing outside the outhouse please do not leave tissue, carry it out.

It is NOT cool to leave a poo volcano for someone else to deal with.  The entrance to the barrel chamber is on the side of the building where there is a small door.  A headlamp is a good idea to see the level of contents.  You will find gloves inside the barrel room for use during moving the barrel.  Please hang the gloves back onto the hook DO NOT THROW GLOVES INTO THE BARREL AS GARBAGE!!!!



Please take in your own toilet paper, paper towel for cleaning, dish soap, hand sanitizer,  matches, green propane canisters for the lights, kindling and newspaper to aid in lighting the fire. 

The SOL Survive Outdoors Longer All Weather Fire Cubes $12 from MEC (code 5061-252) or another outdoor store works well to help start the fire.

Please Make sure the chimney flue, and fire box are clear of snow before lighting. 

Please make sure you take in your own emergency supplies, first aid kit and any safety measures needed by your group.  NO first aid, AED, Naloxone kits, epi pens are supplied or kept at the huts. 

Toilet paper – take in a supply.  Do not leave in the outhouse at the Tantalus Hut.  Campers use the outhouse also and you may not find toilet paper there when you need it.

Propane Canisters – small green coleman ones for lanterns and BBQ’s


-Tea towels – please take out when you go

-Paper towel – for cleaning

– hand sanitizer

-Rag to clean fire stove glass door in the Haberl Hut.

-Matches and a lighter for the wood burning stoves and lanterns.

-After March 1st until the end of ski season, Wag bags or another method of Human waste removal  at the Haberl Hut must be taken in as a backup should the outhouse be buried by snow or the honey pots full.  All waste to be flown out along with all your garbage upon departure.  (Wag bags can be purchased at MEC or other outdoor stores)


  1. ACC Vancouver Section Huts Booking Guidelines and Policy OVERVIEW/RESERVATIONS

Please read this page fully and carefully.  It has important and new information.

Please note rates have changed for the Huts as of Oct 1, 2019.

Please note that you must have a confirmed reservation to stay at the Huts.

Your reservation is not confirmed until:

    1. full e-transfer payment has been received and confirmed with an email receipt
  1. you have received an email stating that you and your party are booked

**Please ensure that you bring a printed copy of your confirmation with you to the Huts for verification by an ACC Vancouver custodian/representative.

Please understand you will be contacted as quickly as possible and your email requests will be held in sequence to keep the process fair.  It may take from three to seven days for your reservation request to be processed.  We recommend booking at least 7 days in advance. We will do everything to accommodate.  PLEASE PLAN AHEAD.  

Please follow the guidelines specifically and provide the information requested.  If all the information is not provided you risk the chance of your email being discarded or delayed at our discretion.

Once requested, please e-transfer your full payment to        Once full payment has been received you will receive email confirmation.

Changes to your booking must be relayed to to update  our records and membership status. There will be no partial refund if your party size decreases.  It is up to the person making the booking to refill the spot and notify us at

It is the responsibility of the group booking person to read all the Booking and Hut use guidelines and to ensure all group participants have also. Any cancellation must be made by email using the confirmation email sent to you.  Please re-read the full cancellation policy. 

The access code will be sent to you 1-5 days before your stay dates or at the time of confirmation. 

NOTE very important:

Hut access codes will now be changed frequently.  Therefore following the procedures outlined will ensure you and your party will have access to the Huts.

ACC Vancouver will now be making site visits to our Tantalus and Haberl Huts by having custodians.  ACC Vancouver Custodians/Representative/Park Ranger may be present on any given day and may stay inside the Hut. At the Tantalus this could be up to 4 extra people.  General supplies may be brought in or checking of the outhouse barrels/switching out/flying out of them.   We are trying to improve compliance with booking and hut use guidelines.  The custodians may be members of our executive or Huts Committee or appointed people going into the Huts. The custodian will be provided with a list of usernames to perform a check and verify who is booked into the hut. If people are found to have abused booking guidelines or abuse our property they will no longer be welcome to use our huts.

Note: The Haberl Hut is located in hazardous terrain. Children under the age of 14 will not be accepted to book into the Hut.  Children 14 and older will be on a case by case circumstance.  Children in this group will need to be accompanied by a guardian and a certified mountain guide for their mountain objectives when booked into the Hut. It is expected that people are honest with this regard. The Haberl Hut is used by mountain people with mountain objectives who have alpine starts and young children would be disrupted by this and visa versa. The Hut and the surrounding area is not suitable for young children.

The Tantalus Hut and sandbar area lie within a Provincial Park:  No open flame fires are permitted within the Park under any circumstances.  Please do not harvest firewood from the forest for the Tantalus wood burning stove.  Stove firebricks are supplied for this purpose. Starting in 2018 there will be a greater presence of Park Rangers monitoring the area.

BC Parks


First and last names must be provided by the person booking as well as cell numbers for everyone in your party. 

Helicopter company name must be provided if using one

ACC Vancouver Members may book for members only in their booking 6 months in advance of the booking date.

Non members may book for themselves 3 months in advance of the booking date.

Section Trips/Courses please contact for your potential booking dates as soon as possible.  The cancellation policy applies.

Guides: please contact for your potential booking dates and rates starting Dec 1 for the following winter.  Please ensure that you have all requisite information to improve your chances of success. The cancellation policy applies.  Please ensure you are a current ACC Vancouver Section Member to book.  

Commercial Film shoots please contact for your potential booking dates and rates.  Please ensure that you have all requisite information to improve your chances of success. The cancellation policy applies.

The booking rate applies even if members of your group are camping outside or around the Huts using our outhouse or hut facilities as they are benefiting from the facility.  Up at the Haberl, Camping is only at the old Red Tit Hut site.  Please adhere to this so Helicopter access is not compromised.  At the Tantalus Hut, campers must use the BC Parks tent pads.  See BC Parks website for up to date use of these pads. Campers are not permitted to use the huts. 

Maximum group size per booking for both Huts is 6, for a maximum of 4 nights per booking.


Tantalus Hut ACC Vancouver members  $25 per night  (rates up $5 as of 2019)

                                       non-members  $35 per  night (rates up $5 as of 2019)

Haberl Hut   ACC Vancouver members   $30 per night  (rates up $10 as of 2019)

                                       non-members  $40 per night  (rates up $10 as of 2019)

ACC Vancouver membership must be current and will be verified for a rate reduction. 

** Please note that all monies collected go to maintenance and improvement of the Huts.  Each year many days of labour go into keeping the Huts and it is made possible by the contributions of our users and our wonderful volunteers.  Therefore we must follow our cancellation policy to ensure we have the funds to operate. 

Maximum number of of beds in the Tantalus Hut is 16.  Haberl Hut 12.

Vancouver custodians/representative/Park Ranger may also be in attendance at the Huts.

NOTE very important:

Hut access codes will now be changed frequently.  Therefore following the procedures outlined will ensure you and your party will have access to the Huts.


The cancellation policy with regards to a full refund is given up to two weeks prior to going in (not the day of travel in) and  50% up to two days prior to going in (do not include the day of travel in as one day), then 0% after that.  Weather is not a consideration for cancellation and guests should monitor the weather and communicate with your Heli company, boat company or hiking partners if that is your method of travel to make your decisions depending on which hut your are going to.   Ex. Going in on a Sat, then to be eligible for 50% back you would need to cancel up to midnight of the Wed before as the full Thurs Fri up to midnight Fri night would be the two days prior to travel.
There is no carrying forward of bookings if they are missed for any reason..Groups need to review the policy and make their decisions based on their situation at hand. We are a completely volunteer run Section/Huts and must follow our policy to ensure we have the funds to be able to run and maintain the huts for people who use them.  Thank you for your understanding.
Cancellation requests MUST be made by e-mail by the person who booked , use your original confirmation email to do this and send to
All refund requests MUST be made by email using the original confirmation email sent to you and please provide a mailing address to send the refund cheque to as we cannot do e-transfers back.
Any requested/approved refunds at a minimum may take one month to occur and will be issued by cheque but usually happen much faster.
Changes to your booking MUST be relayed to to update  our records and membership status.  Use the original email you made the booking with.  There will be no partial refund if your party size decreases.  It is up to the person making the booking to refill the spot and notify us at

Professional Guides​ and all users, ​ please advise your clients ​/ group participants ​of this policy and advise them of Trip Cancellation Insurance options. Due to the increase costs of maintenance all users of the Huts including Guides will need to pay the Hut fee. The ongoing financial support of all users especially for the Haberl Hut will continue to pay tribute to Jim Haberl to keep his hut in working order.


Fill in the reservation request form on next page-include the first and last names of all of your group members, their emails and cell numbers.  Include any ACC Vancouver Section membership numbers with those names.  (will be verified). Ensure that your date requested is in the Month/Day/Year format, as people have missed reservations because they used the wrong format.

Provide the name of the Helicopter company you are flying with.

    1. Pay the Whole Fee Note: this takes place in a separate step.
    1. In a timely fashion, goal within 3-7 days, you will receive an email confirming your request and, if possible, your booking.
    1. Print a copy of your confirmation with the understandings included. This will be proof of your booking for posting inside the Hut so custodians or representatives of ACC Vancouver Section may verify your authorized presence.
  1. Make sure you have read our cancellation policy.

NOTE: Your booking will be cancelled and no refund given and no further use of the Huts should your booking have any deception associated with it. IE: taking in more people than what you booked for. Claiming member when your not.  Accessing the Huts without permission.

Understandings: Users will need to be aware of and accept to be able to book the Huts:

    • I have read and understand the ACC Vancouver Section Huts Use and Booking Guidelines and Cancellation Policy
    • I understand the Tantalus mountain range is extremely complex in nature. Navigating the terrain is very demanding and requires a strong group with extensive backcountry experience and impeccable decision making. There are large expanses of steep, open terrain, multiple overlapping avalanche paths, and minimal options to reduce exposure. Unless you’re absolutely confident in the skills of your group, please consider hiring a professional guide
    • I understand that the route from Tantalus Hut to Haberl Hut is not accessible by summer trail and involves travel over glaciated and other hazardous terrain.
    • I understand the people using the boats at Tantalus Hut at Lake Lovely Water will use the provided life jackets and for children please take in your own lifejackets and if no life jackets are available people will not use the boats.
    • I understand the outflow creek adjacent to the Tantalus Hut is deep and fast flowing and adults should closely monitor children.  
    • I understand the area around the Tantalus and Haberl Huts is rugged and not suitable for children.
    • I understand that I and all of my group are responsible for removing all of our garbage.
    • I understand that dogs (or other pets) are not allowed in the Huts.
    • I understand  that I have fully read the Hut Use and Booking guidelines document for important information relevant to my stay and the upkeep of the Huts and that I have ensured the people in my booking have read them also.
  • I understand the risks involved with backcountry travel, and realize that navigation to and from the Tantalus and Haberl Huts, as well as proper safety management for this trip, is my responsibility.
  • I understand after Feb 1st until the end of ski season, Wag bags or another method of Human waste removal  at the Haberl Hut must be taken in as a backup should the outhouse be buried by snow or the honey pot full.  All waste to be flown out along with all your garbage upon departure.  (Wag bags can be purchased at MEC or other outdoor stores)
  • I understand my and my groups cell numbers and emails are required for booking and will be given to search and rescue/emergency services should I or someone in my group or on our behalf initiates a search

By continuing to the booking system I confirm to have read the above and agree/accept all terms.

NOTE: I understand my and my groups cell numbers and emails are required for booking and will be given to search and rescue/emergency services should I or someone in my group or on our behalf initiates a search


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