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Intro to Trad Climbing – Application

Once you have a year of experience with outdoor climbing you should be ready to start learning to place traditional climbing protection using mechanical camming devices and aluminum chocks. Coincidentally, that’s exactly what you’ll do on this course!

As per most our courses, please sign up via the calendar if you haven’t done so already, then complete the following short questionnaire, which is required prior to your admittance into the course.

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In order to make sure that the course is beneficial to all participants we would like to ask you to briefly answer a few questions that will allow the course coordinators to adjust the course level to the skill level of the participants.
Necessary qualifications and experience are indicated in the course announcement in the calendar. Please contact the course coordinator if you have any questions.

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Community Contribution

A dozen or more willing volunteers, put in a thousand or more hours a year to make these courses happen, all of which include top-quality instruction at incredible value for money. We'll literally share everything we know about staying safe in the mountains with you, because we want you to experience nature as we do.

That said, participation is a two way street, and if you're going to take a course, we ask that you start thinking about ways to contribute back to the community also. Remember, we're entirely volunteer based!

Still interested? Getting involved is super easy, and there are a ton of ways to help, but by far the easiest (and most beneficial) is to simply coordinate an activity yourself! Anything goes when it comes to trips, and something as simple as the Grouse Grind on a Saturday morning will have us praising your efforts.