ACC Vancouver

2013 Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2013 Photo Contest:

Adventure in the Mountains – David Overall
Flora/Fauna in the Mountains – Diana Diaconu
Humour in the Mountains – Mircea Stef
People in the Mountains – Isabel Budke
Mountain Scenery – Mircea Stef

2nd Place:

Adventure – Chris Barton
Flora/Fauna – Mircea Stef
Humour – Diana Diaconu
People – Travis McClinchey
Scenery – Mircea Stef

3rd Place:

Adventure – Jay MacArthur
Flora/Fauna – Alastair Ferries
Humour – Colin Janssen
People – Behnam Giwi
Scenery – Susan Higginbottom

Honourable Mention:

Adventure – Alastair Ferries, David Overall, Isabel Budke, Mircea Stef
Flora/Fauna – Colin Janssen, Eva Nagyova, Kayla Stevenson, Liz Scremin
Humour – Behnam Giwi, Colin Janssen, Diana Diaconu, Travis McClinchey
People – Chris Barton, Colin Janssen, Nicole Ratiu
Scenery – Alastair Ferries, Carolin Chapman, Kayla Stevenson, Nicole Ratiu

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